1. Terms of use - Contestant's photo must be approved by the parent or any legal guardian before submission. After the submission of the photo @, a Transfer Digital Media Marketing, Inc. Company, staff is granted permission by the parent or legal guardian to publish the photo, name of the child, city and any other captions which are submitted on  The Rockid website. Some alterations may be done by our team in order to appropriately fit photos on email newsletters or on our website. You have to pay only _____ as our registration fees per photo, which may be paid using credit card/PayPal online in order to enter The Rockid contest.

2.The Rockid Contests follow calendar months, ending midnight ET on the last day of the month. All photos submitted during the particular month become the entrants of the contest in that month. There is a fair contest among the entrants where each photo has an equal opportunity to get scores from judges of the industry.

3.Our contest is judged by verified and registered entertainment professionals. Judgement of the child's photo take place with no discrimination towards race, gender or age. Monthly voting of the contest starts on the first of the month for the participants of the previous month. Once the process of judging starts, a refund will not be processed for the participant from the judging month.

4.Photos, in which, children are depicted in a dangerous or derogatory position and have some hint of nudity will not be considered. Our team reserves the right to refuse the submission of any photograph, which is deemed inappropriate.

5._____ is awarded every month to each category winner. And the overall winner of the month is awarded ______.  There are some honourable mentions also who win fun prizes.

6.If by chance, a professional photo is entered in the contest, The Rockid will not be considered responsible to secure usage rights from the professional photographer.

7.Our announcement for monthly winners is made in approximately 15 days of the judging month. Winner in each category is selected along with the overall winner. Announcement of results will made on the website only. Winners in each category will receive an email for notification. After the completion of verification of the winners, prizes are distributed within 90 days.

8.All prizes are distributed as mentioned unless there are less than 50 entries in the particular month per category. In this scenario, pro-rated portion of the awards will be given to the winners.

9.Members of The Rockid can enter as many photos as required to our free Special Galleries. For that, they may vote accordingly. The main thing to keep in mind regarding this is that a single member is not eligible more than two times in a row for the Grand Prize Gallery Winner.

10.The Rockid contest is void wherever prohibited by law. The entrants must be totally responsible for knowing their local laws regarding photo contests and are subject to any state, national as well as international laws. The Rockid does not take responsibility to make these individual legal determinations.

11.Entrants need to ensure that the information provided by them is totally accurate. The Rockid accepts photographs of children between 0-12 years of age and is not responsible for photos that are placed in wrong age group categories. Categories are only determined by the birth date of a child.


This Month's Birthday Shout Outs

Happy Birthday to all our Cute Kids of the month!