Our Mission

The Rockid celebrates the different facets of childhood to give wings to their future dreams and aspirations.

Our primary goal is to provide a platform to children filled with opportunities that can take their dreams and passions to the next level. One of the ways we materialize these dreams is through The Rockid Photo Contest, which allows kids with potential to enter talent professions and modelling affordably, safely, and effectively through the contacts of the industry bigshots. We also facilitate the future education of the children through our College Tuition Fund of 25,000.

Associated with top brands, The Rockid proves to be a rich source of young talent. Apart from being a photo contest platform, we are also a full-service media entertainment organization, helping families share the fun and beauty of raising children who wish to attain their full potential.

Our success stories depict how we deliver our promises to the kids who deserve to the part of the glamourous world and their wonderful parents. 

This Month's Birthday Shout Outs

Happy Birthday to all our Cute Kids of the month!