How can I get the participation certificate?

If you have enrolled for a contest and have been selected, you will be receiving a participation certification. After the final results are declared, you will be able to get the certificate from the website. Visit the site and download it directly to your computer.

How can I unregister from a contest?

If you wish to unregister, get in touch with our support team, and they will sort things out for you.

How to check the current rank/position of my kid?

You can check the current position of the participant by logging in to the profile. Once you are in the profile, you can tap to vide the rank.

How to ensure the transparency of the voting system?

If you want to verify whether or not the votes of your friends and family are being counted, you can ask them to look out for the green sign that appears on the screen to show confirmation. Once it shows, you can reload the entry page to see if the vote count has increased.

Is Rockid safe and private?

The Rockid is an absolutely safe and secure website for kids and parents who use it. We understand how important privacy is in today’s digitalized generation. Keeping this in mind, we take utmost care and precautions to make sure that safety and privacy are maintained for everything, including when pictures are uploaded to the websites by users. If you wish to find out more, visit our privacy policy section.

What is the eligibility criteria for the contests?

Though the rules may slightly vary for every contest, kids up to the age of 12 years can participate in the contests. As parents, you can register your child by following the instructions given in the website at any time as long as the registrations are open.

What is The Rockid?

The Rockid is a special website that hosts various photo competitions for young kids. Parents who would love to facilitate their kid’s competitive nature and creativity can enrol them in the different contests to win amazing prizes.

Which pictures can be disqualified from the contests?

The Rockid has the right to disqualify entries based on the following criteria – • Pictures with no clothes. • Pictures having vulgar descriptions. • Pictures that share private details. • Pictures that have multiple children in one frame. Pictures that do not follow our guidelines will not be approved by our professionals.

Who gets to decide the winners?

The winners will be decided based on the total number of votes received. Once the votes are tallied, the winners will be announced. Find out further details on the website.

Will there be an entry fee for participation?

No, you can take part in the contests for free on the website.

Will there be any prize given to the winner of a contest?

Yes, prizes will be distributed to the winners of the competition. Additionally, participation certificates will also be distributed to everybody who has been selected.